Do CBD Drinks Need to be Refrigerated?

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What's in this article?

The fact that CBD drinks are relatively new in the market raises many questions. Like how to store CBD drinks? Do CBD drinks need to be refrigerated? How long do they last? We will try to answer some of these questions in the following article.

Shelf-life of CBD drinks

The shelf-life of CBD drinks is not very different from regular drinks, so CBD drinks have a reasonably long shelf life. (Source) In most cases, CBD drinks don’t necessarily go bad after the recommended period, but they may lose their potency. This is why CBD-infused drinks usually have a best-by date rather than an expiry date.

Factors affecting the quality of CBD-infused drinks

The following factors can adversely affect the quality and shelf life of CBD-infused drinks:


All forms of light and powerful ultraviolet rays (UV) can affect the potency of CBD. The UV rays’ heat and sunlight can break down the cannabinoids. They can even eliminate the CBD content in the beverages. Hence it is necessary to store CBD- drinks away from direct sunlight. This means keeping them in a cool dark place away from windows and open areas.


The oxygen and other particles present in the air also affect the breakdown of CBD. These compounds may not degrade CBD completely, but they can strongly impact its potency. CBD drinks are sold in airtight bottles. After use, it is necessary to secure the bottle tightly. You should also avoid purchasing CBD drink cans with broken seals.


Exposing CBD drinks to extreme heat is a sure-fire method of damaging the CBD content in the drink. If you live in cooler regions where the temperature does not exceed 23 degrees Celsius, you can store CBD drinks at room temperature.

If you reside in hotter areas, you may need to store CBD drinks in the refrigerator. Do not leave CBD drinks in a hot car, near fireplaces or in the kitchen.

Other ingredients

CBD drinks often contain other ingredients for flavouring. These ingredients can affect the shelf life of these drinks. Hence, the manufacturer mentions the use-by or expiry date on the package. Make sure to check this date. If the expiry date is mentioned, harmful microbial activity may be beyond that date. It is no longer safe to consume CBD drinks that have crossed the expiry date.


The product packaging is critical to improving its shelf life. Most CBD drinks are available in sealed cans. This keeps them fresh for longer. Store all your CBD drinks in their original containers for better shelf life.

If you have made any CBD drinks home, store them in an opaque glass container. If you keep your CBD drinks for an extended period, store them in glass jars. Plastic containers or bags may compromise the CBD drinks over time.

Ideal packing prevents the CBD drink from being exposed to microbes and ultraviolet rays. It also prevents moisture and oxygen from contaminating the product. This increases the shelf life of the drink. The packing labels should mention the correct storage instructions.

How to Store CBD drinks

It is better to store CBD drinks at room temperature in cold areas. If you use CBD drinks daily, keeping them at room temperature will be convenient.

Keeping CBD drinks in the fridge or freezer will extend their shelf life. Most CBD drinks have a shelf life of around 12 to 24 months.

If you like cold CBD drinks, you can store them in the fridge. Refrigeration can preserve the flavour and texture of the drink for a long time. Remember to keep your CBD drinks away from children and pets.

Premature Expiration

It is better to consume CBD drinks once they are opened. CBD drinks containing glycerin tend to spoil much faster than those containing alcohol. If you are preparing any CBD drink at home, the individual ingredients will affect the perishability of the final drink. Sometimes CBD drinks can get spoiled. You can detect a spoilt CBD drink from its smell, taste and texture.

CBD drinks could get spoilt if you unknowingly expose them to high heat or strong sunlight. Some other ingredients or the preparation method of these drinks could also shorten their shelf life.

Purchasing good quality CBD drinks

As in every product, the quality matters in CBD drinks. The source of the CBD determines the final quality of CBD drinks. Manufacturers also need to test their CBD for safety. Good quality CBD drinks have a longer shelf life.

Where to Purchase CBD drinks?

CBD drinks are readily available in supermarkets, bars, restaurants or your local health store. You can even purchase them directly from the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer’s website will have all the information about the ingredients and storage of the product.


As the above discussion shows, storing CBD drinks in a refrigerator is not essential. It is crucial to keep CBD drinks in a cool, dark place. Some CBD drinks taste best when served chilled. Refrigeration also prevents your CBD drink from being affected by light or moisture.

Proper storage can keep your CBD drink fresh for up to a few years. Check the expiry date on the can and finish it before the expiry date.