Do CBD Drinks Do Anything? The Pros and Cons of CBD-Infused Drinks

CBD drinks are becoming more and more popular as people become interested in the benefits of CBD. But do CBD drinks do anything? And what are the pros and cons of CBD-infused drinks? 

This blog post will explore these questions and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using CBD in beverages. 

What are CBD drinks, and what are the benefits of CBD-infused drinks? 

CBD drinks contain cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant. It is one of many compounds in cannabis plants, and it has been shown to have therapeutic benefits. 

The most well-known cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. 

But CBD doesn’t cause these psychoactive effects, which is why it’s a popular choice for people who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids without getting high. 

The most common way to consume CBD is with tinctures or oils that you can drop under your tongue (sublingually). However, many people prefer to take CBD in the form of a drink. 

Although you can make your own CBD drinks by adding some drops of oil or tincture directly into a glass of water, juice or tea, this is not an optimal way to consume your daily dose. The problem with this approach is that CBD oil is not soluble in water and will float on the surface. 

At The Leaf Life, we have developed a proprietary method of emulsifying full spectrum CBD into sparkling water, making it easier to mix with other ingredients and creating a tasty low-calorie CBD drink. 

CBD drinks are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD. 

What are the pros and cons of CBD-infused drinks? 

There are several potential benefits to using CBD in drinks. 

First, it’s an easy way to consume CBD if you don’t want to take it sublingually or if you don’t like the taste of hemp oil or tinctures. 

Second, CBD drinks can be a convenient way to consume cannabinoids, especially if you’re on the go. 

However, it’s important to note that there are also some drawbacks to using CBD in beverages. For example, when consumed orally (by swallowing), cannabinoid compounds have to pass through the digestive system before they reach your bloodstream and take effect. This means it takes longer to feel the results, and they may not be as strong. 

Some factors can affect how CBD is absorbed in your body, such as whether you take it with food or on an empty stomach, what type of food you’re eating and even if you have any other conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). 

Here’s a summary of some pros and cons:  


  1. Easy to consume (if you don’t like tinctures or oils) 
  1. A convenient way to take CBD on-the-go 
  1. It has therapeutic benefits 


  1. It takes longer to feel the effects than taking CBD sublingually or swallowing it in capsule form 
  1. Other factors can affect it, such as what you eat and whether you have any digestive conditions. 

So, do CBD drinks do anything? 

At the moment, the science indicates that CBD drinks are a convenient way to consume CBD if you’re looking for some of its therapeutic benefits. Still, they may not be as strong as taking it sublingually or swallowing it in capsule form. 

The team here at The Leaf Life know from personal experience that CBD drinks can help with anxiety, sleep and pain relief. 

With 15mg of full-spectrum CBD in each drink, you can safely drink these every day without any concerns about drug interactions or side effects. 

On top of that, we don’t use any artificial flavours or refined sugars in our drinks so that you can enjoy the taste and health benefits of CBD without any guilt. 

Will CBD drinks help me relax and reduce my anxiety? 

Yes, CBD drinks can help you relax. Some people find that CBD helps them feel more relaxed and calm, while others report no change in their anxiety levels after consuming CBD. 

If you are new to CBD and want to learn more about how it works, read our blog post on how CBD can help with anxiety. 

Will CBD drinks make me sleepy? 

CBD does not cause a feeling of drowsiness or sleepiness in most people. However, if you take any other medications that may cause drowsiness (such as antidepressants), you should be careful when taking CBD. 

If you are concerned about any potential side effects from consuming CBD, it is always best to speak with your doctor before trying a new supplement. They can advise whether there may be any interactions between medications and other drugs you might take, for example, if they affect the way that one medicine works inside. 

Can I mix CBD-infused drinks with alcohol? 

Yes, you can absolutely mix CBD drinks with alcohol. Our refreshing soft drinks are perfect as mixers for alcoholic cocktails, and what better way to unwind after a long day at work than with a CBD-infused G&T? 

Just remember that alcohol will increase the effects of any other drugs you’re taking, so it’s best to keep your drinking moderate if you want to avoid unwanted side effects. 

Whether you are looking to hydrate after a session in the gym, winding down after work or enjoying a night out with friends, The Leaf Life CBD soft drinks are the perfect way to get your daily dose of CBD.