CBD Drinks: Can You Mix Alcohol with CBD?

There’s been a lot of discussion about CBD drinks lately. Can you mix alcohol with CBD? What are the effects? Does it help with hangovers? In this blog post, we’ll answer all those questions and more. Stay tuned for information about the benefits and risks of mixing CBD drinks with alcohol. 

Can you mix alcohol with CBD drinks? 

The answer is yes. There are no indications that mixing CBD drinks with alcohol is dangerous or impacts the effects of either substance. However, if you’re going to drink and use cannabis products simultaneously, make sure you have a designated driver and always drink responsibly. 

The main reason we hear people asking this question is due to a concern that the effects of CBD and alcohol might be dangerous. Although CBD isn’t a psychoactive cannabinoid like THC, it can influence the effects of other cannabinoids and compounds. 

The beauty of CBD-infused drinks and the reason they are becoming so popular is that CBD counteracts the intoxicating effects of alcohol. So, if you’re looking to drink and not feel drunk, CBD drinks are a great option. Many people say they enjoy the mild euphoria and relaxed feeling of drinking CBD-infused beverages. 

What happens when you mix CBD and alcohol? 

On an anatomical level, CBD has been shown to reduce the intoxicating effects of alcohol. (1) It can be used as a way to deal with hangovers or enjoy the night without feeling too drunk. 

For example, some people who suffer from alcoholism say that when they combine CBD drinks with their usual alcoholic beverages, they no longer feel like drinking as much after just one glass or bottle, and they don’t experience the same symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that normally cause them to drink more. 

If you are wondering how you will feel on an emotional level, you can expect to feel relaxed and perhaps a bit less talkative than you would if you only had alcohol. The CBD will not wholly take away the effects of alcohol, but it can mellow them out. 

CBD and hangovers 

There is some evidence that suggests that CBD might help reduce the symptoms of a hangover. 

Studies have shown that alcohol exposure lowers endocannabinoid levels in the brain. (2) A decrease in several related N-acylethanolamines, a substance chemically comparable to cannabinoids, was also discovered. 

By taking CBD simultaneously or after consuming alcohol, it is believed that endocannabinoid levels can be quickly restored in the brain. As a result, it is possible that CBD could help with hangovers by reducing inflammation and boosting your immune system’s ability to fight off the adverse side effects of drinking alcohol. 

Other studies have suggested that cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to reduce oxidative stress induced by alcohol. (Oxidative stress is a cellular imbalance that can cause damage to the body’s cells and DNA). 

So, does CBD help with hangovers? 

The jury is still out on this one, but some evidence suggests it could be helpful. More research in this area is definitely needed. 

Can you drink alcohol on a regular basis while taking CBD? 

Regular use of alcohol has been shown to increase the risk of developing alcohol dependence and lead to more significant amounts being consumed over time. However, CBD has not been found to have any effect on these risks. 

So while it may be safe for you personally (if you don’t currently suffer from alcoholism), there haven’t yet been enough studies conducted on long-term cannabis and alcohol use to make a definitive statement. 

Bottom line: 

You can mix CBD drinks with alcohol without any danger or negative impacts on the effects of either substance. However, always drink responsibly and have a designated driver if you’re mixing CBD and alcohol when out on the town. 

Additionally, CBD might help reduce some of the symptoms associated with hangovers, so why not stock your fridge with a selection of CBD-infused drinks?